Playing History: Vikings On PC & iOS® Completes Trilogy Of Award-Winning Educational Games

Award-winning, research-based developer of games, simulations, and virtual worlds, Serious Games Interactive, is proud to announce the release of Playing History: Vikings, now available for purchase on PC via Desura, and on Apple iPad® via the iTunes digital app store.

Playing History: Vikings is the third installment in an award-winning series of wonderful educational and interactive games, in which players go back in time to experience and explore historically important events. More than a 1000 years ago, Vikings ruled the world, and Playing History: Vikings invites player’s to take control of Erik the aspiring chief on his journey to become a true Viking within an immersive and engaging environment. It is times of change as the old beliefs are challenged by the Christian faith, and unexplored trade routes mean contact with people from strange communities and unknown lands.

Focusing on civilized trading as well as the faith and brutality of this historically important era, Playing History: Vikings is a single-player casual educational game, in which the narrative unfolds as player’s make decisions, complete quests, master the skills of combat, and learn what makes a good trade. Key aspects of the game includes making the right decisions by talking to the right people, and by gathering coins for extra loot, and collecting gold by spotting historical anachronisms. On his quest to become a Viking chieftain, Erik must always be aware of invaders trying to conquer his land, and combat ensues when pillaging enemies approach.

With its addictive gameplay, crisp and colorful 3D-graphics, immersive story, exciting mini-games and endless hours of entertainment, Playing History: Vikings was developed to fit curriculum requirements for key stages 2-3 (age 9-13), but is a game that can be enjoyed by adventure fans of all ages and experience levels.

Check out the cool gameplay trailer:

Playing History: Vikings is available for download from here:

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