Ever wanted to play pool in an actual pool? We know you have because that’s mainly what we’ve been hearing from the feedback. Well, that and “how the hell do you play it!”. So, without further acue we share with you the new direction for amazeballz pool and announce from now it will be called amazeballz in a pool.

Using our cutting edge physics engine, we’ve simulated exactly what it would be like to play real pool, in a pool. All the drag of the liquid and damping of the angles, displacing water has never been so much fun! Watch as the balls come to a stop so fast you won’t believe your eyes!

Delight as your carefully aimed shots don’t quit reach their target, and be overwhelmed when you actually manage to pot a ball. Thank-you very much for your feedback, without you the world would not be able to experience the utter joy that is amazeballz in a pool.

The amazeballz pool will be coming to the stores near your fingers during the month of May. We’ll be available via iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android (Play Store/Kindle/Fire TV Stick), Windows (Steam/App Store), OS X (Mac App Store), tvOS.

Sensational Shots, Phenomenal Physics, Crucial Cueing, Passionate Plants, Delightful Doubles, Tempting Tricks, Potent Pots, Graciously Ridiculous!

Check out the madness here –

If it’s fun and mental, it’s fundamental!


Ragtag Developments, the Oxfordshire based indie dev house are pleased to announce they are currently in the process of developing a new 3D pool game amazeballz pool. Featuring all of the classic pool rules such as US 8-Ball and 9-Ball, as well as innovative new features such as Crazy mode, and many more planned.

Grab your cue and join in the fun as amazeballz takes you on a pool journey like no other! Compete with real players from around the globe and test your skills against the super cunning AI computer opponents.

Gain access to a whole host of unlockable content by achieving challenge goals. Continue completing challenges and as your skills grow, so does the challenge. Add a twist to the game by activating Crazy mode which generates endless layouts of obstacles for mind bending gameplay.

Customise your own blank canvas environment with unique cues, ball-sets, and furniture. Take your game to other locations such as the frozen forest or alien spaceship, where the physics brings a new kind of challenge.

Set up your own trick shots in edit mode and amaze your friends with your pool mastery. Take full control of the game and modify the ball physics, table friction, gravity, and even the size of the balls.

Current Features•Pick up and play 3D Pool – intuitive, fast and fluid
•Real cue interaction – feels like playing pool for real
•Play with a friend locally, or an AI opponent on your own
•US 8-Ball and Crazy-Pool
•Edit mode – position the balls exactly where you want
•Shot replay system with slow motion and reverse play

Planned Features•Dynamic challenge system to test your skill level
•Play on iOS, Android, PC, OS X, and tvOS
•Cross platform competition via play by mail
•3-Ball, 6-Ball, UK 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 15-Ball, plus more
•Unlock items and customise your own blank canvas environment
•A variety of environments including a frozen forest and alien spaceship
•Modify the physical properties of the game
•Plus lots more as the game grows – play and give feedback to be a part of the fun!

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“We’re proud to announce the beta phase of amazeballz pool, a pool game we’ve been developing in the background for a while now. Most pool games focus on shiny visuals, but gameplay feels disconnected. We focus on gameplay, by taking direct control of the cue it feels like playing real pool.”

“The launch version will contain the core of the experience which we’ll expand over time. We’re releasing on iOS, Android, PC, OS X, and tvOS with a version playable on our site. We’re implementing a play by mail style feature which is well suited, given that pool is a turn based game.”

“After launch we’ll continue to develop the game through regular updates, and invite players to shape how the game grows. Future updates in development will be playable via our site, where we encourage feedback from the community.” commented Creative Director Rich Hancock.