MINUS ZERO Arrives on June 16th! (Video)

Degica Games is pleased to announce that the second wave of Triangle Services’s shoot-’em-up collection, Shooting Love 20XX, is coming June 16th to Steam as MINUS ZERO!

Triangle Service’s MINUS ZERO is a shooter that focuses on a tried-and-true shoot-’em-up weapon: the lock-on laser. It’s shoot-’em-up purity: just you, your lock-on laser, and a whole bunch of enemies. As long as you continue to blast away at the waves of enemies, you’ll maintain invincibility, but if you lose track of your position amongst the explosions and neon glow, you’ll soon find that invincibility can be fleeting!

· Lock onto invincibility in this abstract, minimalist shoot-’em-up
· Glowing neon aesthetic that actually adds to the challenge
· Replay support
· Electronica soundtrack that builds upon itself as you progress
· Includes Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, and Cloud saves

Following MINUS ZERO, two more waves will be released containing TRIZEAL Remix, and EXZEAL respectively. With these four waves defeated, the Shooting Love 20XX collection will be yours.