Asduffo is really excited to announce today Doodle Adventures, which is live now on the Google Play Store!

A new puzzle game with platformer elements on it, or maybe the reverse: it’s up to you!

Watch the trailer here:

Help Dudol to rebuild the Doodle Kingdom! In Doodle Adventures, you won’t control the player: you control the level!
Drag and drop blocks, tools and even enemies itself into the level to guide Dudol to the end!
Every block has its unique characteristics that will help you to reach the finish: the only limit is the energy bar!

Tons of gameplay mechanics! Underwater levels, round levels, teleports, 2 Dudol in 1, no-exit levels: as you’ll go on, you’ll find trickier and trickier levels, so get ready!

Colorful, funny, sketch like graphics and super relaxing music.

More than 50 levels!

…and level editor! With it, the only limit is your immagination! Save them as qr code, which can be scanned, shared or opened with every social platform! Have fun with your friends!

The game is out now on the Google Play Store.

Get it now!

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