Aspiring Game Developer Maddie Beal (Age 11) Debut’s On The iOS® & Google PlayTM App Store With ‘My Selfie Safari’

Aspiring game developer Maddie Beal is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of her debut game, My Selfie Safari. Available today as a FREE download on the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores, this brilliantly designed debut title features John Maddie and her BFF on a Safari Adventure, requesting the aid of players to help Jesse The Giraffe keep his neck out of trouble by avoiding the clouds and flapping birds. You goal is to meet up with his Safari Friends, and if you need help, you can try on a pair of googles, but use them sparingly, as only 10 are available (additional googles obtainable through in-app upgrades). Featuring 20 addictive levels, you can even congratulate yourself by posing for a selfie with your friend as levels are successfully completed. Maddie herself is stuck on level 14!

Are you adventurous and talented enough to beat her in her own game?

My Selfie Safari began as a bonding opportunity with her dad, Dan Beal. He had just built a Minecraft™ server for her brother, Ben, and with this task complete, Maddie felt it was the perfect chance to spend some quality time with her dad. Inspired by her fascination and love for giraffes and self-portraits, My Selfie Safari blends gameplay mechanics from popular predecessors such as Flappy Bird™ and Defender™, and adds its own personal touch to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Featuring an exciting Safari Adventure, crisp colorful graphics, intuitive controls, and 20 challenging levels of fun, My Selfie Safari is a great debut title from Maddie Beal, whom at the age of only 11 undoubtedly has a promising career ahead of her.

My Selfie Safari is available for download from here:

Google Play™



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