Avadon 3: The Warborn HD, A Fantasy Role-Playing Game for the iPad (Video)

Spiderweb Software, Inc. announces the release of Avadon 3: The Warborn HD, an all-new, indie fantasy role-playing adventure for the iPad. Avadon 3 is the final chapter in the Avadon Trilogy, featuring exciting battles, lands to conquer, and the sort of intricate story Spiderweb Software is known for.
You are a Hand of Avadon, the Black Fortress. You are a warrior and spy, judge and executioner, with nearly unlimited power to fight the enemies of your homeland. Your word is Law.
But your lands have been invaded. Your borders have been overrun by barbarians, monsters, and powerful armies. Cities are burning, and your people are desperate for help. Your mad commander has discovered a path to ending the war, but the plan will need every scrap of your power and resourcefulness to succeed.
The ending to the saga is not set in stone, though. Yes, you can defeat the enemy and save your people. You might also betray your people and bring victory to the invaders. You can even, with cunning and violence, gain great power and wealth for yourself. In the conclusion to the Avadon Saga, the choice will be up to you!

Avadon 3: The Warborn is an epic fantasy role-playing adventure in an enormous and unique world. You can choose from five different character classes, each with dozens of spells and abilities. Explore cunning dungeons, hunt for hundreds of magical artifacts, and pass judgment on your enemies. Avadon 3 features many different endings. Will you save your people or betray them? We leave that decision up to you.