Awakened Allies coming to Dragon Blaze with May update

The Royal family is looking to take back the throne in the latest update coming to Dragon Blaze. The update will be introducing the first of the new ‘Awakened’ allies, a raised level cap to 88, and a continuation of the epic Chapter 3 story with a new Ivory Grave Ruins zone, and the new Frozen Tyrant raid boss.

Awakened Allies
Similar to the previous Deities, the new ‘Awakened’ allies will allow players to evolve some of the most memorable characters to become even more powerful., Using the brand-new Hero Essences, you’ll be able to add the first two ‘Awakened’ Allies, King Gram and Mercedes, to your party.

King Gram
A descendant of the Titans and former hero reborn, King Gram is on a vengeful quest to face his own destiny in order to reclaim his lost glory. King Gram’s auto attacks have a chance to knock away enemies.
– Punch of Rage
o Deals 1992% damage to one enemy, and breaks immunity on the target. Additionally deals 2770% damage split between nearby enemies.
– Strength Wave
o Inflicts 285% damage per second on all enemies and stuns for 4 seconds. King Gram heals for 80% of the damage done.
– Respect for the King
o Become invulnerable for 11 seconds, and increases attack by 70%.

Merciful Mercedes
After a tragic love affair with the mighty Deathcrown, Mercedes has now returned as the goddess of mercy. Her auto attacks recover allies’ HP and increases HP recovery.
– Protection of the Stars
o Recovers all party members’ HP by 410% of attack.
– Song of the Stars
o Removes de-buffs on all party members and becomes immune for eight seconds.
– Rising Starlight
o Revives one party member with 100% HP

Ivory Grave Ruins
The site of a legendary battle between orcs and dragons, Ivory Grave Ruins is haunted by the spirits of an epic war from long ago. Players will face numerous ethereal enemies in a new level 88 zone as they attempt to storm the Shadow Castle where Shadow Howl currently resides.

New Raid Boss: Frozen Tyrant
Frozen Tyrant is a giant frost wyrm and is the final boss raid encounter in Ivory Grave Ruins. Available for players who have reached max level, Frozen Tyrant is capable of stunning the entire party with his powerful Ice Quake, and has the ability to lower party member’s defense with Freeze Attack. The new ‘Frozen’ item tier set will be rewarded to adventures willing to face off against this menacing beast.