Award-nominated Indie Game MagNets Now on Steam!

MagNets, the TIGA award-nominated debut title from indie studio Total Monkery, was released on Steam today with 10% off.

The product of an inter-generational family development team, MagNets blends 90’s console charm, 80’s arcade relentlessness, and a unique gameplay mechanic. Described by the developers as ‘an arena shoot-em-up with no guns’, players must battle through 20 single-player story levels using their electromagnetic nets to circle rampaging robots and recycle their scrap. The game also includes time, score and scrap challenges and local multiplayer, where two players can test their MagNeting skills in battle.

Total Monkery’s Technical Director, Richard, says, “We were thrilled when we found we’d been Greenlit. We’ve been out on, Desura, and others for a month or so, but it’s obviously very exciting to be able to bring our indie game to the number one digital distribution platform.”

Total Monkery have been working on MagNets for just over a year, after securing funding from Creative England’s Gameslab fund to support development. They were recently included in the Creative England 50 report, highlighting some of the most innovative businesses in the creative industries.

MagNets will also be coming to consoles throughout the year. MagNets is priced £7.99 / $10.99 / €10.99.

Key Features:

· Compulsive, challenging and replayable gameplay for ages 8+
· 20 story levels over 4 zone, also with challenges
· Singleplayer and PvP local multiplayer
· Four-player and network multiplayer coming soon
· Leaderboards, Achievements and Steam Trading Cards
· Character unlocks, free and paid character downloads scheduled
· PC, Mac & Linux
· Optimised for controller play


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