Zombeer Now Available On Steam

Moonbite Games and U&I Entertainment announce that Zombeer, a first-person shooter where staying drunk is the only way to stay alive, is now available on the Steam platform. Including new narrative content from 345 Games, an updated soundtrack, optimized gameplay for the PC, and a healthy supply of beer and ammo, Zombeer can be downloaded now for $9.99.

“Zombeer is an unapologetic tribute to zombies, beer and first-person shooters,” said Carlos Fernandez, CEO of Moonbite Games. “With the help of 345 Games, we’ve taken everything kick-ass about classic Zombie movies and turned it into a hilarious game experience that’s been updated and enhanced for the Steam platform.”

With new narrative content from 345 Games, the video gaming arm of Comedy Central, Spike TV and TV Land, Zombeer is packed with humorous references to classic zombie flicks of the past and, of course, a healthy supply of ammo and beer.

“We’re thrilled with the work that has been done on the Zombeer script,” said Steve Raizes, Senior Vice President of 345 Games. “This represents the first step for 345 Games in bringing great comedic talent to video game publishers to produce games that have a truly unique voice.”

In the near (and some might say lucky) future, there is a pandemic that transforms the world’s population into zombies. That’s not the lucky part – this is: Once bitten by a zombie, the only way stave off the infection is drinking beer!

Playing as the hero “K,” a survivor inflicted with the zombie virus and a wicked perpetual hangover, players must make their way through the zombie apocalypse managing a balance of sobriety and carnage to find K’s girlfriend Karen and get out before it’s too late!

Zombeer is prominently featured in the indie horror comedy film “Bloodsucking Bastards,” on which displayed during the SLAMDANCE movie festival.

This irreverently humorous zombie survival first-person shooter makes it PC debut on STEAM this Jan. 30. For more information, please visit http://www.zombeerthegame.com

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