Award-Winning Crazy Horses: Unstabled! Available Now for iOS, Android, and WP8!

British indie developers Nice Touch Games release their award-winning, free-to-play game Crazy Horses: Unstabled! for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8. The game is available to download now.

In the game the Crazy Horses have bolted from the stable, and these wild ponies keep getting into trouble. Round up the horses with lassos and lead them back to the stable before their arch-enemies the Wild Bulls skewer, flatten or blow them up. Players can replay levels to achieve maximum points and pickups, as well as to hunt for the ever elusive unicorn. The new release also features never-before-seen animations and a brand new level with a hot-air-balloon-flying, bomb-throwing bull. View the gameplay trailer for Crazy Horses: Unstabled! here:

Crazy Horses: Unstabled! recently received the prize for Best Use of Native Features from Unity in their game development contest. Unity has previously featured Nice Touch Games’ releases Crazy Horses: Unstabled! and Robo & Bobo among Temple Run and Fling Theory as inspiring games made with Unity. The original Crazy Horses received over 100,000 downloads and reached the top ten in the AppStore. This follow up is sure to excite fans of the original game while entertaining a whole new herd of fans.

Gorgeous 3D cartoon graphics
Cute and funny characters
Power-ups and items galore
Frantic lassoing action
Awesome unicorns

Title: Crazy Horses: Unstabled!
Genre: Games / Action
Release Date: November 29, 2013
Platform: iOS, Android, WP8
Price: FREE!
In-App Purchases: Yes


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