An Android Game That Teaches HTML

Want to learn the basics of HTML without having to write any actual code? The Super Easy HTML Practice Game, with its approachable drag and drop interface, is a great starting point for absolute beginners and a fun refresher for more experienced HTML programmers. Across 45 levels, you will build simple websites by moving HTML tags around the screen. This includes using the A tag, the STRONG tag, the IMG tag, and more!

Super Easy HTML Practice is a mobile game available for $0.99 on the Google Play store and the Amazon app marketplace. As a spin-off of the critically acclaimed HTML5 game, Super Markup Man, it aims to make learning HTML syntax easy and fun. And in the spirit of HTML goodness, it was built with web languages like CSS and Javascript!

Both games were created by Roppy Chop Studios, an indie developer who first started making games for the Xbox Live indie channel in 2011. Since then, they’ve moved on to HTML5 and Android projects .

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