Award-winning developer launches Lipa Dots and ‘Connects’ Fun with Learning!

This week sees Lipa Learning adding a sixth title to its learning ecosystem of games for preschoolers. This time the Prague based company introduces a fun digital version of the classic game Connect-the-Dots for kids aged between two and four.

Lipa Learning offers entertaining educational apps for early learners designed to develop Fundamental skills and Language, Creativity, Math and Science. Designed around a unique digital curriculum, the company’s portfolio consists of: Lipa Eggs, Lipa Zoo, Lipa Frog, Lipa Train, Lipa Bear and now Lipa Dots. Each game focuses on one specific skill set. Together they build the foundations for an understanding of the world, promoting natural progression and working towards a lifelong love of learning.

Lipa Dots is the second title to be released from the Language area of the digital curriculum. It concentrates on developing children’s fine motoring skills for writing and drawing with engaging eye-hand coordination. This cleverly educational game is set across ten jam-packed levels incorporating over seventy patterns for kids to complete, developing real world skills at every stage.

Based around the classical format of Connect-the-Dots, Lipa Learning has reinvented the game using fun animation and sound. These are used as incentives for children to continue playing the game, an integral part of the reward system present throughout the entire Lipa Learning ecosystem.

Lipa Dots is now available to download on iOS and Android for only $2.99, a generous price for a Premium game with plentiful content and educational value. With no in-apps or additional purchases, Lipa Dots will keep children excited about learning for hours.

All six Lipa Learning titles are now available to download on iOS and Android, with the added bonus of Lipa Zoo being Free to download on iOS during December.

Download Lipa Dots here

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