Battle Academy 2 gets a first expansion focused on the Battle of Kursk!

“Whenever I think of this attack, my stomach turns over.” (Heinz Guderian – German General during WW2 – prior to the assault on Kursk)

Summer 1943 – The Soviet and German High Commands gather their strength for what they both believe will be a decisive battle. The Wehrmacht wants to retake the initiative on a front that tends to bog down due to the fierce resistance of the Red Army. The two armies, resupplied and rearmed, are now ready in the neighborhood of Kursk for one of the largest armored clashes in history!

Players will be able to relive the key moments of this huge air-ground operation on the Eastern Front in Battle of Kursk, the first expansion of Battle Academy 2! Following in the footsteps of the base game – which received an enthusiastic critical reception last year with a Metacritic score of 77% on PC and 80% on iPad – Battle of Kursk keeps the mechanics that made the series both approachable and very tactical while introducing new engaging elements. Along with a set of new units that bring diversity to the encounters, Battle of Kursk offers two campaigns with a carryover system. Often requested by the community, this carryover approach will allow the players to keep units from one scenario to another, forcing them to not be too fool-hardy in order to complete the campaigns!

So today we are happy to announce that players will be able to fight with the German and Soviet armies at Prokhorovka and other famous Kursk locations on March 26th!

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