Strategy Wargame Expansion Tank Battle: East Front 1942 Launches on the App Store

Today Hunted Cow Studios is launching the second entry in its Tank Battle: East Front series, a collaboration with Panzer Corps developers The Lordz Games Studio and WWII experts HexWar. Tank Battle: East Front 1942 is available on iOS now as a universal app for $1.99.

The WWII strategy game, a follow-up to this month’s Tank Battle: East Front 1941, introduces two new summer and winter campaigns. First is the eight-mission “Onwards” where players side with the Soviets, and the other is the German eight-mission “At All Costs”. Tank Battle: East Front 1942 offers 15 more units than its predecessor: a total of 38 on the German side and 18 for the Soviets (compared to the previous 30 and 14, respectively). Those include the deadly German Tiger tank and the enormous Soviet KV-8 flamethrower tank.

Tank Battle: East Front 1942 also includes the tutorial campaign from Tank Battle: East Front 1941 – the Soviet seven-mission “First Strike.”

The Tank Battle: East Front series challenges players to wipe out enemy forces, capture key objectives, and protect vital supply convoys. Players wage battle around Leningrad in the Stalingrad in the South. The Soviets rely on the deadly T-34 while the Germans power forward with the Panzer IVf2, equipped with a long 75mm gun, and the destructive Tiger Tank.

The game engine is a major upgrade on the one used in Tank Battle: North Africa, which Hunted Cow released in January 2013. Players can invite a friend to pass-and-play local multiplayer and hone their skills with the developer’s signature Detailed Combat Analysis system, which aids new and veteran players alike. Tank Battle: East Front 1942 also features flank attacks and vehicles for increased strategy. It supports Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

Hunted Cow plans to release three more entries in the coming weeks: Tank Battle East Front 1943, 1944, and 1945.

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