Game Insight releases Tank Domination in the Apple App Store

Game Insight, a global leader in the development and publishing of mobile and social games, announces the release of Tank Domination, the intense MMO action game for mobile devices, in the Apple App Store. Everyone can download the game right now and experience brutal futuristic tank battles.

Tank Domination supports the whole iPad product line, starting from iPad 2, including iPad Mini. The project was developed on the Unity engine, which resulted in graphics quality unprecedented for tablet games and a stable refresh rate.

The game gives players the opportunity to prove themselves in the team tank battles on maps of 1 square kilometer in area. Two teams of up to 10 people each can fight in one battle. The widest range of modern warfare is available in the game, divided into four classes: light, medium, heavy tanks, and artillery. Players can upgrade all the vehicles and equip them with various combat devices of their choice, adjusting their tanks according to their own unique style of play. All this, as well as a variety of landscapes, partially destructible environment, and a well-designed system of damaging the individual tank modules, forms a unique gameplay, which will be interesting for single players, and also for the fans of the team battles. Tankers will be able to design and test a large number of different tank battle tactics. Tank Domination will be updated regularly, which will give users unlimited development opportunities.

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