Game Insight Launches Love and Dragons for iPad

Game Insight, the creator of the worldwide hit games Mystery Manor and Mirrors of Albion has announced its latest hidden-object adventure game, Love and Dragons. The new game is now available for Apple iPad.

Love and Dragons is a colourful hidden-object game that takes place in a magical realm of warriors, wizards, and dragons. The game’s in-depth story will touch on themes of love, betrayal, honour, and infamy. In the game, players will join Miralda, a young woman destined to change the world, on a fateful journey that will force her decide between true love and the terrible burden placed on her by an ancient prophecy.

In Love and Dragons, players will solve a variety of hidden-object challenges in different puzzle-solving modes, using powerful tool items and bonuses that can be unlocked by assembling collections of rare treasures. Over the course of the game’s story, players will also navigate unexpected twists and turns, conquer a variety of quests, and prevent an invasion of demonic creatures from the dreaded abyss.

Love and Dragons will offer engaging hidden-object puzzles and a gripping story of romance, high adventure, and redemption. Download the game from App Store now –

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