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‘Carps & Dragons’ for Nintendo 3DS

Abylight is pleased to announce that “Carps & Dragons” will be released in North America on September 26th in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS at only $4,99. ‘Carps & Dragons’ was recently released for the European users on August 22nd.

Eva Gaspar, Abylight´s Business Manager explains about this new release – ‘Carps & Dragons’ is based on our ‘Fish´em All’ WiiWare game, the one we hold dear to our hearts because it meant a milestone in Abylight’s life. It was our first try to do it on our own on all fronts: idea, execution and even publishing! – Regarding the gameplay itself, Eva says -“Carps & Dragons” is a colorful game that perfectly fits the stereoscopic 3D effect of the console enriching the arcade experience. –

“Carps & Dragons” is the last game developed and published by Abylight, but there are more games and applications on the way. Keep tuned for news and feeds on Abylight´s Twitter (http://twitter.com/abylight) and Facebook group (http://facebook.com/abylight).
Carps & Dragons

Jack and Walter, two charming old fishermen, love spend all day long fishing wild and colourful fishes, but only when they are not playing banjos, of course.

Alone or with your friends, you will have a great time catching these little fish… they’re crazy!

Watch out for the dragon, the shark, the ninja rat, the sumo toad and the rest of lovely creatures in town, they are not going to make things easy!

Do you think it looks easy?

Show your good skills managing the fishing net with an accurate control scheme, beat your own high scores, take on challenges and solve fun puzzles in a range of amazing stages full of colour and fantasy in 3D effect.

This arcade game will bring all the excitement of the great classics to your Nintendo 3DS.

Carps & Dragons Features include:

•Nine colourful scenarios.
•Three game modes: Arcade, Challenge, Fishtris.
•One or two players.

Arcade Mode

Beat the high score, catch as many fish as you can within the time limit.

Challenge Mode

Complete the challenges to unlock stages. You can then select any unlocked stage to play in two player mode.

Fishtris Mode

Even more difficult!

Every time you catch a fish, it will fall into the tube. If the tube fills up, the game will end. To keep playing, you have to keep the tube empty using different strategies.

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