Beeline™ Interactive, Inc., a leading social game developer and creator of the popular Smurfs’™ Village and Snoopy’s™ Street Fair games for smartphones and tablets, today announced the launch of “Kiwi and Me™,” a new freemium puzzle game that follows Kiwi, a magical creature who’s a little bit bird, a little bit plant, and a whole lotta’ cute!

Kiwi and Me, is a match-three style puzzle game that asks players to help Kiwi navigate forests, mountains, desert, and more by switching, mixing, and matching their way through colorful puzzles to find the things Kiwi will need to complete the journey. The game begins as Kiwi hatches from a strange-looking egg somewhere in the forest. Kiwi’s mother is missing and Kiwi asks you to help find her.

Throughout their journey through a magic al world, players watch Kiwi grow up right before their eyes.

As players travel along with their cute new friend, they can combine three or more nature-inspired puzzle blocks to activate six animated power-ups that sweep across the screen in the form of lightning bolts, rushing water, sun rays, fluttering leaves, gusts of wind, and roaring flames. Completing levels successfully can also unlock new colors and fashion accessories players can use to customize Kiwi. Players will also earn snacks Kiwi will happily gobble up to get extra energy for the journey ahead. They’ll even teach Kiwi to talk.

Making their way through 75 challenging levels, players can use powerful boosters to give them an advantage on the hardest levels. They’ll face unique obstacles and race against the clock, as they form strategies to solve the puzzles in time. Kiwi and Me™ lives in a world of bright colors, playful, energetic sounds, and spectacular special effects as it introduces players to its oddly-adorable new star – Kiwi.

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