Me,We Studios launches OrcOrcOrc on the Apple AppStore

Me,We Studios is proud to announce that its original game title OrcOrcOrc has gone live on Apple’s App Store through the major publisher DeNA.
OrcOrcOrc is an exciting new Match3 title, featuring a horde of lovable Orcs. An invading force of Do-Gooders must be held at bay using your matching skills to send your murderous defenders into battle. Bolster your troops with fizzy grog and unleash powerful spells to help in this colourful, frantic war of attrition.

Available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad the game contains:

· Action focused Match 3 game, in bite-sized 3-10 minute sessions
· Social Leaderboards via Facebook integration
· Colourful cast of fiendish Orcs and enemy Do-Gooders
· “XP” progression system for longer term play
· Freemium model allowing players to purchase items to support play
· Score attack game structure for that “one more go” play
· Original music and voice acting sound FX

Amir Latif, Studio Head said: “We’re delighted to announce our first original IP on the App Store as Me,We Studios. Although the team has several decades of experience in cross platform development the release marks the achievement of a milestone the studio. We are thrilled to be partnered with world class publisher DeNA and believe that their experience with Freemium will propel the title to a wider audience. We hope to be able to add yet more creativity to the title with updates to the gameplay and content.”
OrcOrcOrc is available to download from the Apple App Store

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