Trenches 2 Returns to the AppStore

Trenches 2 welcomes the American Doughboys to the Great War. Along with this new nation comes new achievements, a whole new campaign and the American Perk tree. Adding the American nation was the single most requested feature. Most of the AppStore market is US and those players want to play as the Americans. With this change, we’ve added HOURS of gameplay time.

In the first Trenches, the single most popular game mode was Zombie Horde. The mode has been re-invented for T2. Zombie Horde in Trenches 2 is a fought wave style with zombies of increasing number and difficulty. The player must work tactically to set up defenses and not let any of the zombies pass. Success is measured in the wave number that player’s achieve.

One of the most exciting unexpected features for Trenches 2 is Universal support. Yep! Now, Trenches 2 is iPhone/iPad Universal. Even better … iPad users can search for multiplayer games with other iPad users OR with anyone. If an iPad user connects to an iPhone game, the battlefield depth is reduced for the iPad user. Trenches 2 multiplayer is wide open!

The newest version of Trenches 2 makes significant advancements in stability, gameplay and AI. Engineers have more capabilities and Spies are now even more insidious!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Trenches 2 will be published by Thunder Game Works, not Electronic Arts, meaning it is a new binary and those who downloaded before must download again to receive the new version of Trenches. The partnership between TGW and EA for the publishing of Trenches 2 has ended since EA no longer desired to support Trenches 2 but TGW did wish to continue support.

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