Game Insight releases Tank Domination on iPhone!

Game Insight, a globally leading developer and publisher of free-to-play games for all the major mobile and social platforms, is pleased to announce that the popular free-to-play multiplayer action game, Tank Domination is now available for iPhone!

Players can download Tank Domination from the Apple App Store now and see the game’s graphic have maintained the same high quality transferred onto the smaller screen. The iPhone version features the same easy-to-learn controls and unique atmosphere that have already attracted thousands of users to the game.

Tank Domination is a free-to-play, multiplayer, action-packed tank battle game with detailed, realistic 3D graphics that has already gained worldwide popularity. The game boasts real-time, synchronous multiplayer combat, 30 different vehicles, a huge variety of modifications to customize tanks and a massive arsenal of special items. There is also a quick-chat system that lets you coordinate with teammates.
The combination of captivating tactical strategy and intuitive controls attracts thousands of new players every day. The game, previously only available for iPad 2 and later devices, can now be installed on iPhone and is soon to be adapted for Android.

Choose your mobile platform and enter a world of fierce and exciting tank battles!

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