City Building Games Get Medieval with The Tribez & Castlez, Now Available for iOS and Android

Game Insight, a global leader in mobile/social games, is pleased to announce that the next chapter in city building games, The Tribez & Castlez, is now available for download for iOS and Android devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Tribez & Castlez is a spin-off of the worldwide smash hit The Tribez, which has garnered more than 14 million players worldwide.

Tribez & Castlez is a time-travelling adventure that sends players on a journey into a brave new world where magic reigns supreme, where dragons hover in the sky, and where forests teem with treacherous werewolves. Players will meet their old friends from the previous game: the Professor, Princess Aurora, and of course, the friendly tribezmen. Together, players will help Prince Eric rebuild his kingdom and defend it from enemies and traitors.

In The Tribez & Castlez, players will build their very own kingdom-a fascinating quest, but not an easy one! To gain glory and prosperity for their empire, wise rulers will prepare for both peace and war. Players will construct sawmills and factories, cultivate grapes and other crops, and breed pigs and sheep to strengthen their nation’s economy. However, they must also safeguard their citizens by building wizard towers and training battle dragos to protect their citizenry from vicious Gobools, powerful Trollums, and other insidious creatures.

This exciting new game will let players visit well-guarded dungeons and wizard towers, discover the ancient ruins of abandoned castles, seek mysterious artifacts, and wage war on hideous monsters. Players will test the loyalty of their allies and lock blades with enemies both obvious and subtle, while encountering mighty giants, dragons, and, of course, a beautiful princess!

Experience the next stage of city building games with The Tribez & Castlez, now available for iOS and Android, and soon to be released for Facebook and Amazon in the near future.

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