Duck Destroyer Blasts On To The App Store

Feathers will fly as Chillingo and KojoGames announces the launch of Duck Destroyer on the App Store.

When hunger strikes, grab a shotgun and put some dinner on the table. Look down the sights and put those sharpshooting skills to the test as you blast flocks of ducks out of the sky.

From slingshots to rail guns, dynamite to robots – there’s nothing this duck destroyer won’t use to get his paws on a delicious meal. Load up on power-ups in the store and come out guns blazing!

A simple errand to fetch dinner takes this fox on an adventure that’s out of this world! Chart his incredible journey as he’s plucked from his humble home and thrown into the Arctic and beyond in fully-animated cut-scenes.

Game Features

•A fun and frantic arcade shooter
•A massive adventure spanning 50 levels and hundreds of missions
•Tons of fun weapons and power-ups to play with
•Your choice of immersive gyro and joystick controls
•Fully-animated cut-scenes charting Red Fox’s massive adventure

Fancy yourself a sharp shooter? Duck Destroyer is available now for free on the App Store.

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