BEST BUDS VS BAD GUYS – Father and Son Create a Run ’n’ Gun Game unlike Any Other (Video)

Coming soon for PC, Mac, Wii U, PS Vita and Xbox One

From Super Icon, the developers of hit titles such as Life of Pixel and Vektor Wars, comes BEST BUDS VS. BAD GUYS, an ultra-explosive arcade run ’n’ gun featuring two best buds, a lot of heavy weaponry, and bucket-loads of evil bad guys to destroy.

Sometimes the ideas for the most addictive games don’t come from traditional sources, like brainstorming meetings of development teams. Instead, they just pop up organically. That is the case with the upcoming arcade style run ’n’ gun shooter, Best Buds vs. Bad Guys, the brainchild of a game designer and his son, Lucas. They are each other’s “best buds”, and wondered how much fun it would be to base a game around teamwork to battle bad guys in a virtual world. A game about good over evil and about friendship, overcoming difficulties, and kicking bad-guy butt!

“We are really proud of Best Buds vs. Bad Guys, a game we really wanted to make together,” commented Richard Hill-Whittall. “Fast action and addictive game play, crazy weapons, loads of bad guys and massive explosions! We’re really trying our best to make something very special…”

Best Buds vs. Bad Guys is a feature packed arcade experience. With over 100 different enemies to fight, a wide selection of seriously OTT weapons and power-ups, 11 different worlds full of detail and animation, and a LOT of secrets and surprises!

Game Features
– A varied and imaginative arcade platformer, full of blasting action and a whole lot of exploring to uncover secrets and hidden areas!
– Discover special power-ups such as tanks, skateboards, mine carts, TNT, giant-buds, mini-buds, banana napalm, donuts of death and many more!
– Equip insanely powerful, silly, and just plain deadly weapons to defeat the evil army and gain access to new areas. Equip shrink-rays, lasers, ice-cream blasters, buzzsaw guns, homing missiles, and more!
– Over 100 varied enemies to fight, many fresh from the imagination of a ten-year-old boy, with epic boss battles to test your skills and determination.
– 11 different worlds, pixelated in 16-bit Arcade machine style, with plenty of modern touches including detailed background animation, multi-layered parallax, weather and special effects.
– Narrative feedback throughout the game, with a fun and humorous script.