Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, the best build-your-own puzzle app on Android

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the most playable puzzle games in its genre on Amazon and Google Play platforms.

It distinguishes a lot from its competitors by a range of unique options and add-ons that are readily available. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles was the first puzzle game to implement the idea of the game service to the jigsaw games and create a store for user’s comfort. And it’s still the first to implement the socialization feature which allows players to create a more customized experience using personal photos.

It became one of the most popular features among Magic Puzzles players. They are able to create digital jigsaw puzzles using personal camera roll, social media and photo sharing apps. Wide range of social features is not limited by sharing content in social media and among friends. Also there’s a great feature to solve puzzles of friends and any member of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles community. A worldwide community of users downloads their personal jigsaws to the app and the best ones are selected by developers to appear in the Best in the World section and be visible to millions of puzzle lovers.

Started as a simple mobile puzzle game, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles became a full game service with over 20,000 of high-quality HD puzzles, strong active community of players across the world and tendency to be a fun build-your-own puzzle app.
Now the game is featured in Easter Collection category on Google Play and also could be downloaded for Kindle Fire from the Amazon App Store.