Puzzle Mania Spreads Quickly – Jigsaw Puzzles and Dragons Game Now Available for iOS

Wizards Time LLC has launched Jigsaw Puzzles and Dragons Game as the first game for iOS operating system. After a great number of Android users who played this game, Wizards Time LLC made this game available for iOS users as well. People who enjoy playing jigsaw puzzle games can download the game on iTunes Store for free.

Jigsaw Puzzles and Dragons Game is a game for toddlers, kids and adults. This puzzle game revolves around the dragons which are friendly, colorful, and dressed in funny clothes. Users solve the puzzle by choosing an image from the picture gallery and then recreate it. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Apart from easy difficulty level adjusted mainly to kids, there are two others, medium and hard, which make the puzzle-solving a bit harder and more challenging.

Features of the game include an interesting menu in a shape of dragon’s tale by pulling of which users choose the language of the game, level difficulty and turn music on/off. If, during the puzzle solving, users cannot find the missing piece, users can use help by clicking on the question mark shaped button. When the puzzle is solved and the dragon’s picture recreated, the picture can be set as a wallpaper, send via Bluetooth and e-mail or shared on Facebook.

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