Tired of Sudoku or classic Nonogram? Grid Puzzle Will Kill Your Boredom with Unlimited Puzzles on iOS and Android

Pechas Game Studios released its first logic puzzle game – Grid Puzzle. The game borrows it’s concept from a popular Japanese logic puzzle known as Nonogram (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonogram ), alternatively known as Japanese Crosswords, Hanjie, Griddlers, Picross or Paint-by-Sudoku. The app was released on both iOS and Android on April 1, 2014.
Grid Puzzle isn’t just another Nonogram puzzle game. It takes the logic behind Nonogram and creates challenging puzzle boards on the fly for the players. The result? Unlimited number of challenges and levels!

If you’re a first time Nonogram player, don’t worry. Dr. Nono will always be there to help! He will walk you through a series of interactive tutorials, helping you familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

The game is divided into two basic parts – the career mode and the quick mode. In the career mode players can go on perfecting their skills and unlocking new levels. In the quick mode players can play four different types of games just for fun!
“We’re pleased to re-engineer the classic Nonogram puzzles and give the puzzle lovers a complete package with career modes and quick runs; and I feel that the players will love the ‘unlimited puzzles’ experience,” commented Maiaz Rahman, CEO of Pechas Game Studios.

Grid Puzzle comes with the following features.

§ The game is absolutely free and there are no in-game purchases or hidden charges.
§ Unlike other Nonogram apps, you can create and play on more than one profile.
§ The game comes with 2 unique items to help you solve puzzles.
§ The app provides one career mode and four different quick modes, and two different themes to enjoy.
§ You get an in-game guru – Dr. Nono – to help you at complex turns.

Grid Puzzle is extremely easy, but flexes the players’ analytic ability. The challenges included will surely test the players’ logic and reasoning.

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