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INLOGIC Software presents Sudoku Temple!

Brain working without a break? This is a guarantee from new title developed by Inlogic Software – Sudoku Temple. From now on there will be no worries with pencil and paper, no crossing out or tearing. Everything will be prepared directly in your phone. You are a winner already! There is no need to explain how Sudoku should be played – “boiling” brain and flying figures. If you really don´t know how to play it, don´t be afraid, guru will take care of you and highlight your mistakes.

Don´t worry, you can choose the difficulty level, this is a game for everyone. One eye focused on running time, the second one on numbers, so let the fun begin. In addition, you can enjoy graphics that looks like directly from the Orient!

· Oriental graphics
· 3 levels of difficulty
· Time counter
· Mistakes highlight

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