It’s June 1913, and relations between Germany and the rest of Europe are tense. On June 28th, a massive shockwave rocks Europe—emanating from a single blast point in the heart of the German Empire. This looks like the beginning of the war everyone has been anticipating; however, it is the terrifying start of something much different. The Great Martian War for iOS and Android spectacularly re-imagines the years 1913-17, with humankind fighting a catastrophic war against a savage race of extraterrestrial invaders.

The Great Martian War is a cinematic and immersive endless runner based on the scripted drama of the same name that aired on HISTORY late last year in the UK and Canada. Playing as Gus Lafonde, a skillful scout and brave soldier determined to survive the Martian invasion, the player navigates vast battlefields—evading land mines, artillery strikes, tanks and terrifying Martian war machines. Along the way, Gus must collect rations and Victisite (the living metal that powers the alien machines) to unlock power-ups and complete his mission.

The Great Martian War (iOS/Android) is free to play and can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore for Android.

· Virtually endless gameplay: Randomly-generated levels allow for non-stop fun
· Visceral combat: Immersive 3D visuals and sound effects place you in the middle of the Martian War
· Massive scale: Escape through vast environments and exciting set pieces as you progress through 18 player levels
· Period-specific battle gear: Beat the odds with World War I-themed power-ups
· Achieve the impossible: In-game achievements challenge you to finish your mission and collect rewards
· Dynamic content: The Martian War universe is always expanding with ongoing content updates and new features!

The Great Martian War app was created for Shaw Media by Emmy® Award-winning Toronto-based interactive agency Secret Location. To appeal to users on a long-term basis, the agency will release content updates that will improve the game via user metrics. The Great Martian War is compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. For more information, please visit


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