ikoid.com releases a new space-themed Android game bundle including some great tributes to games of the past

A new Android game bundle by ikoid.com is set to bring back memories of timeless classics such as Tyrian, Starcraft, Tetris and Shufflepuck Cafe. Android gamers who remember playing such titles in the arcades or on their PCs will be pleased to find out about ikoid’s latest Android gaming offer: 5 space-themed indie games that combine modern production values with the solid foundations of great games of the past.

As with previous ikoid bundles, the “Final Frontier” bundle mixes a variety of genres, from real-time strategy to shoot’em up to puzzle to casual. Two of the games start off locked. Under the share-what-you-want model introduced by ikoid.com, one of the games will be unlocked once a total of 150 likes/tweets/+1’s about the bundle happen, while the threshold for unlocking the second game is set at 300 shares in those social media sites. The games in this bundle are worth over $10, which means Android gamers enjoy 80% off the usual retail price by buying the bundle (once all games are unlocked).

For just $1.75 Android gamers will get:

Planets Defense – Planets Defense is a 3D space strategy game mixing together the artistic style of games like StarCraft with the simple command and combat of games like Galaxy Empire. Create, develop and command your space fleet, research new technology and acquire new resources. Invest into planet mining or debris scavenging and form an habitable atmosphere, deploy on new planets and build defense structures
– protecting mankind from ruthless invasion!

QbQbQb – Called by some “Tetris with curved pieces”, QbQbQb is a beautiful, minimalist, yet intense take on the match-three arcade puzzle genre. If you like the aesthetics in Rymdkapsel, the gameplay in Gyro and the music in Super Hexagon, this game is for you. Simple to learn, hard to master. Rotate your planet to accept intercepting blocks of color. Match the colors and get more points. As you earn more points the music improves and the visuals evolve, but you will need to think faster.

Shufflepuck Cantina GOLD – Shufflepuck Cantina is a great tribute to the 1989 hit Shufflepuck Cafe by Broderbund Software. Play in a world populated by colorful characters in an atmospheric Space Western. Face your opponents in frantic and spectacular air hockey matches!

Smashing Planets – Defend the Earth against the evil alien invaders – stop the invasion by shooting down your attackers! The way you do this is simple – you launch missiles from Earth by drawing their path through space (using the touch screen).

Xelorians – Xelorians is a highly dynamic fast-paced shoot’em up inspired by arcade console games of the 90s. Considered by some one of the best shoot’em up on the play store, it is a tribute to games like Radiant Silvergun, Tyrian, AirAttack, 1942, 1943, Siberian Strike, Air Strike, DoDonPachi, R-Type, Gradius, Espgaluda, Shogun, Bullet Shooter, and Warblade.

Final Frontier contains a selection of five high quality indie Android games and is available to purchase for the next 11 days only at www.ikoid.com for the reduced price of $1.75.

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