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Celtic Heroes Launches for Android

Independent Glasgow based studio One Thumb Mobile today announced the launch of its free to play MMORPG, Celtic Heroes, on Android. Published via the innovative cross platform engine, Unity, the game offers users an incredible 3D MMO experience to rival browser and desktop games.

Set in the mythical land of Dal Riata, Celtic Heroes challenges hundreds of thousands of online players to compete, collaborate and battle fearsome enemies.
Warriors have been summoned from across the Celtic lands to fight back the spreading darkness of the villainous god Crom with steel and magic: Warriors in their battle armour; Druids commanding the powers of nature; Rangers who can slay their foes from afar; Mages wielding elemental fire; and Rogues who can strike from the shadows.

To protect their peaceful homeland, players and must adventure far beyond its borders to save it: a land invaded by a mighty army from across the sea, a realm overtaken by a faerie queen and her minions, and a parallel world of magic ruled over by a mighty dragon are just some of the places you must venture on their quest to triumph over Crom and restore peace to the Celtic lands.

Paul Simon, Executive Producer at One Thumb Mobile, explains: “Our team has created something very special with the launch of our new cross-platform engine. We look forward to massively expanding Celtic Heroes and providing the biggest, most social gaming experience on mobile.”

Celtic Heroes is available now for free from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onethumbmobile.celticheroes

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