Rule The Racetrack In Virtual Reality With VR Karts – Out Now On Oculus Rift

VR Karts –the world’s first virtual reality kart racer has just power slid onto Oculus Rift and is available on Oculus Home and Steam for $14.99. Utilising the immersive power of Oculus Rift, VR Karts offers gamers the chance to get behind the wheel, dodge missiles and lap the competition in a way they never have before.

· Use Oculus’ eye tracking to aim at rival racers and blow them away with a variety of unique weapons.

· Use your wing mirrors to defend your race position preventing your competition from sneaking up behind you

· Race with up to 8 players online across a wide variety of different tracks

· Test your racing skills across four different cups – Rookie, Amateur, Pro and Random

· Viewpoint Games will be releasing new and free content in the coming months

· Think you’re the hottest racer in town? Prove it with time trial mode and online leaderboards

· Customise your characters with a wide range of different items and colours at your disposal

Got a Samsung Gear VR? VR Karts’ sister title, VR Karts: Sprint is available now for Gear VR, allowing Samsung owners their own exhilarating virtual reality racing experience.