Magic Jigsaw Puzzles comes to the iPhone

Thanks to launch of today’s universal update, one of the iPad’s most popular family apps will now fit comfortably in your pocket. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles has remained a top 10 favorite on the App Store’s board game charts for more than four years, and has seen a whopping nine million downloads by jigsaw aficionados. Today’s update allows fans to create, solve, and share jigsaw puzzles on their iPhones for the very first time.

The game features more than 20,000 jigsaw puzzles presented in high definition, and provides users with the opportunity to create and share new puzzles using their own photos and images. Introduced only this past April, the puzzle creation tool has been used to create more than 60,000 new puzzles by its users, and that number only keeps growing.

More than just a game, XIMAD treats Magic Jigsaw Puzzles as a full-blown service for its fans, giving players the ability to create and manage accounts, view stats, track scores, and save puzzle bundles.

“After four years of pleasing puzzle fans of all ages on the iPad, we’re delighted to bring all of the fun and challenge of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles to the iPhone,” said Maria Neumiarzhytskaia, Product Manager for XIMAD. “We look forward to supporting a variety of Apple devices for years to come, and will be optimizing Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro in the near future.”

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles features include:
•variety: more than 20,000 puzzles to complete
•creativity: design and share puzzles using your own images
•challenge: five difficulty levels ranging from beginner to master (550 pieces!)
•progress: work on multiple puzzles at once and never lose your place
•sections: complete different areas of a puzzle individually on the iPhone

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is available as a free download on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

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