Pumped BMX + hits the decks

A brilliant collection of electronica and dance artists have been assembled to accompany Pumped BMX’s debut on console and PC, publisher Curve Digital has announced.

Hand-picked by original developer YEAHUS, the assemble includes up-and-coming acts such as Beat Fatigue, Xander Lewis and TOBACCO, each of which provides one or more tracks to accompany the breathless on-screen action.

Whilst the full soundtrack can be enjoyed as part of the game, those who wish to enjoy it whenever they like can pick up the game and soundtrack bundle on Steam, or from Laced Records on Bandcamp, priced £4.

Pumped BMX+ marks the console and PC debut of the series which has been downloaded millions of time on iOS and Android. Originally developed by one-man-studio YEAHUS, Pumped BMX and Pumped BMX 2 have become genuine worldwide sensations.

Pumped BMX + will be hitting Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U and PC from September 18th – offering the same gameplay which has made the original titles so beloved, but with a redesigned control scheme, a fully-licensed soundtrack, entirely revamped art and all-new global achievements and leaderboards.

“When looking at the ways we wanted to enhance the brilliant original game, a fully licensed soundtrack was high on that list,” says Jason Perkins, managing director, Curve Studios. “The team at Laced have done a tremendous job in finding a collection of artists who suit the game fantastically.”

“When the Pumped BMX+ launch trailer was revealed, a YouTube commentator posted: ‘I love this music – what is it?’ – well I’m thrilled to be able to introduce the official soundtrack,” says Adam Hunt, creator, Pumped BMX. “Whether you’ll be playing the game on the big screen or on the move, headphones on or surround sound maxed out – the soundtrack really does complement the game brilliantly.”

Pumped BMX+ track-listing in full:

Beat Fatigue / Sauvignon Fanc
Beat Fatigue / Boss Level
Beat Fatigue / Organic Bambooty
Beat Fatigue / Ice Shower
Xander Lewis / Honeydew
Black Moth / Super Rainbow Blurring My Day
TOBACCO / El Camino
TOBACCO / Swoll Tongue
Fork and Knife / Crystal Valley
Fork and Knife / Dumfun
Tigerblood / Spectrum
Tigerblood / Night Skies
Charles Caste-Ballereau / Believe in Me
Charles Caste-Ballereau / New York 2056

Pumped BMX + will be hitting Xbox and PC on September 18th; PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on September 22nd and Wii U on September 24th.

All formats will cost £7.99 / €9.99 / $9.99 – though there is launch discounts for two weeks from launch.

The soundtrack is available as part of a PC bundle on Steam, priced £9.99 or from the Laced Records’ Bandcamp page.

Purchase the full soundtrack on Laced Records here: https://lacedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pumped-bmx-original-soundtrack

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