Bigwin Studio Launches “Chip Master EX” for Google Play Store

Start warming up your mental muscles, because this new casino style puzzle game will stump you in ways you have never imagined! Chip Master EX, brought to you by the international developer Bigwin Studio, brings hours of addicting and strategic gameplay using only casino chips. Chip Master EX is part of the K!games community and is now available for both iOS and Android.

Use different value chips to combine into higher value chips, your goal will be to get as many Spin chips as you can! Strategically use the Poker chip and Stamp to your advantage, it could change the direction of the game! Think wisely before placing your chips on the game board, one wrong move could result in your swift downfall.

Chip Master EX features continuous gameplay with Facebook login so you can compete against your friends and family in a battle of wits. Don’t panic if you run out of turns! You can buy more turns with the points you earned to keep the game going and get that advantage. Or, save your points and use them for the slot machine to spin at a chance for even more points!

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