BIKE DASH – Free endless runner game with authentic downhill mountain-bike action.


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Bike Dash combines an extreme endless runner game with authentic downhill mountain-bike action.

The idea behind the game was to create an authentic riding experience on mobile. Similar to realistic experience you see on GoPro POV footages of Downhill Mountain Biking.

The players ride their bike the farthest they can across beautiful trails while avoiding obstacles and performing gravity defying tricks.
The Players earn extra coins by performing complex combo tricks at huge jumps and level up to unlock more insane tricks and upgrade their biking gear.


Richly detailed forest and desert trails.
Switchable first person and third person view.
15 amazing tricks to unlock.
Over 20 gear items to upgrade.
Epic ragdoll bones breaking, blood splattering crashes.
Upgradable perks.
Online leaderboards and achievements.
Addictive Gameplay!

Release date : August 19, 2015
Platforms : Ios(universal) & Android coming soon
Company : Twindigo (two men team – me and my brother)
Price : Free, In-app purchases
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