Bina Blocks

Based in Ohio, US

Release date:
May 28, 2014

iOS App Store


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Bina Blocks is a uniquely-designed puzzle game that involves using a limited number of various shaped blocks to build structures above a certain height. However, that’s assuming the bird doesn’t swoop in and knock it all down, Jenga-style. The challenge is balancing a tall structure that reaches the height requirement versus a strong one that won’t get knocked over. Because your time as the consumer is valued, there are 30 hand-crafted, challenging levels, each one just as fun as the last. Bina Blocks will have more levels added as time goes on, introducing more mechanics, and generally making the game better than it already is.
Sitting at a local Friendly’s restaurant with my family, my brother explain a simple block-building game where you get more blocks based on how you placed the ones you have. Not knowing that he’s talking about a game that doesn’t exist yet, my mom asks, “What’s this game called?” We tell her it’s not a game (yet). A few minutes later I’m joking about how I want a game, no matter how good or bad it is, to have the name Bina (the name of our puggle) in the title. As soon as I said that, I turned to my mom and said “That’s the name! Bina Blocks!” And so it stuck. 4 months, many iterations, tons of help from friends and family with regards to ideas and testing, and a lot of late nights watching marketing videos later, Bina Blocks is ready for the launch on the iOS App Store. The concept has changed a lot since then, but the passion for the game has only grown, and hopefully continues to do so after launch.
•Unique, drop & drop mechanics.
•30 hand-crafted levels.
•Clean, polished graphics.
•Pleasing sound effects and music
•Fun, challenging puzzle elements.
•Annoying bird that knocks down your structure.
•Made with Cocos2d and Box2d engines
•It’s an indie game!

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