Blazing Griffin Announce Distant Star: Revenant Fleet has launched on Steam Early Access

Blazing Griffin announces that Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is launched on Steam Early Access.

Initial reception for Distant Star: Revenant Fleet has been very positive with early alpha sales going well and the title launching on and Desura in November. After 13 days on Steam Greenlit, the title was Greenlit and we’re pleased to announce that it’s now available on Steam Early Access.

The second content update for the game was also released this week, which addressed a number of bug fixes, added new story elements, a new mission type, new shops, a new weapon, updated mission rewards and improvements to VFX.

The team at Blazing Griffin are also working on developing the pirate faction which will bring a range of custom designs and challenges to players very soon.

On developing the concept for the upcoming pirate faction, Art Director Paul Scott Canavan said, “Whenever I think “space pirates” two images come to mind; the Turanic Raiders introduction in Homeworld and Chris Foss’s iconic Pirate Spaceship painting. The bold colour scheme, the slick shapes, Paul Ruskay’s score…it’s glorious.”

“For Distant Star’s pirates I loved the idea of playing with shark shapes; something aggressive and sharp and instantly recognizable that would cut through space and really contrast against the renaissance curves of the Orthani and the chunky, warlike A’kari. A whale shark’s bulk seemed appropriate for the carrier-like Marauder, launching fighters from its gaping maw, while the hammerhead and great white shapes for the Scavenger and Raider were obvious choices as their silhouettes are so ingrained in our culture.”

Blazing Griffin is an independent game studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2011, the company is focused on reviving IP and developing new games across multiple platforms.

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