Blockadillo gets a free iTunes version!

Smash colored blocks with a up and down bouncing, color changing armadillo!

Our popular block smasher Blockadillo is now available as a free download for iPhones and iPads.

Blockadillo is an arcady mobile game where you have to smash colored blocks with a color changing armadillo. The catch? The armadillo is rolled up and bounces up and down by itself the whole time. You can only steer it left and right to reach the blocks you have to smash in order to complete a level.

This may be harder than it sounds. The blocks are colored and the Armadillo has to take on the same color to smash the blocks. Changing color is accomplished through special blocks. Besides these there are a lot of other things to find in a typical Blockadillo level like blocks that can only be moved with the right color, switches, ancient machines, moving platforms, deadly traps and huge bubbling lava pits.

Join the Armadillo and its friends on their journey through the jungle in order to find all of the lost golden idols.

“You don’t often see changes to the basic block breaker game formula.
[..] Occasionally someone does something new with the genre, though.
[..] Blockadillo is hard to pin into a genre, but it is unique and fun.”
– Lena LeRay,

“If you grew up in the 1990s with fond memories of Brickle, one of the few games many kids were allowed to play during free time, you may feel a surge of nostalgia for Blockadillo […]”
– Bonnie Burgette – Indie Game Mag

Additional information:

Platform: Android/iOS
Price: free to play with in-app purchases for additional level packs
Release: October 14th 2015

Latest Trailer:

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