Get Your Bounce On! Oinky Boinky Springs onto iOS, Android, Apple TV

Mobile gamers wanting high-flying action adventures can look forward to Oinky Boinky, a ball-and-paddle game inspired by and improving upon the endless runner genre, from Rekkener. iOS device and Apple TV owners can jump for joy later this month, while Android gamers can join the fun late November.

Oinky Boinky will test players’ reactions as they help the colorful characters reach for the stars. Boinky the hedgehog wants to soar through the skies above beautiful locations around the world like Hamsterdam and The Pig Apple. It is up to the player who controls Oinky, a pig who’s ready to leave the farm, to lend his bouncy friend a hoof.

Gameplay begins with Boinky jumping into the air. Players need to position Oinky underneath his pal and then tap at the perfect moment to inflate the pig so he can bounce the Boinky to new heights. Tap too early and Boinky won’t get a full boost, losing momentum and altitude as a result. Tap too late and Boinky will hit the ground, and it’s time to give it another go.

Instead of restarting like most endless runners, play resumes from the most recently completed land. Players will enjoy honing their skill. With each level completed, they’ll be reaching heights they once thought impossible as the challenge keeps rising.

Part of the fun is exploring the themed lands and seeing campy new characters, whose costumes, names and personalities are often puns or plays on famous figures. As players progress, they unlock more bouncers like Bearlock Holmes and jumpers like Harvey Koalatel.

“Two of the most entertaining genres everyone can quickly understand and enjoy are ball-and-paddle games and endless runners,” Harlan Hugh, CEO, Rekkenner, explains. “Oinky Boinky combines these into a game that’s deceptively simple at the start yet infinitely challenging even for experienced gamers who might assume they could breeze through it.”

Oinky Boinky will be free on the App Store and Google Play. The game features optional microtransactions for acquiring characters and homes in the various lands.


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