‘PopRaiders’ available on the Apple App store and the Android market.

A fun and exciting game involving popping bubbles and solving puzzles what more can one ask for!!!

PopRaiders is a unique puzzle game with puzzles built using a grid of bubbles and solved using various objects in the game like launchers, stepping stones, portals, keys and special powers.

The goal is to grab the gem, get to the goal and pop all the empty bubbles on the stage in the shortest time possible.

The game is free and all in-app purchases are either cosmetic or for added convenience.

There are visual upgrades, extra avatars with unique traits and special powers to make the experience even more enjoyable and help players if they get stuck on a level.

It also features downloadable bonus levels which are updated every few days.

To download the app please use the following links:

Please visit www.popraiders.com or www.igawds.com/popraiders/ for more details about the app, game screenshots and the gameplay video/trailer.

This game is developed by iGawds Studios, a Mobile and Web Development Company based in Pakistan with representation in the United Kingdom.