‘Drive To Home’ is available on the Android Market.

vRad Games announces the release of “Drive To Home” in the Android Market today. It was already available in the Windows Phone Store and Blackberry world, and now launched in the Android Market. Drive To Home is a casual car parking game and is simple for anyone to learn and fun for all ages. The objective of the game is to drive to home and park at the parking lot within minimum time without damage the car. There are total 120 unique levels with 3 different worlds and each level can play in day or night mode.

The task of the game is to drive your car to home and park at the allocated Parking lot. You can choose to drive in night or day time and can drive through beautiful places. Try not to damage your car with tight corners and different obstacles. Damage will reduce the chances to complete the level and three car crashes will result in a game over. The game has on-screen driving controls with realistic driving physics, sound effects and easy to learn tutorials.

Lite Version of Drive To Home is available for free, and Pro Version is available for $0.98 in Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry Stores. The app is available world-wide in English Language.

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