Trivia game with a twist – now available for Android

Imagine a Trivia game where you don’t really need to know specific facts in order to score points. And where not every question is about stuff you should know but never really bothered learning – that’s Sortle for you.

In Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit (or other games like them) there are always a bunch of questions that you are supposed to know the answer to and then you feel like a real knuckle head when you don’t. In Sortle it’s not about knowing the exact facts, although it sure doesn’t hurt if you do. No, it’s rather about knowing how things relate to each other and sorting them in the correct order. Sortle is more about knowing a little bit of everything.

The things you sort aren’t just the traditional stuff about wars, religion, history and sports, but also about a bunch of fun stuff that we guess you can call “useless knowledge”. Who doesn’t have a bunch of useless knowledge?

What burns more calories? What’s the most common cause of death in America? Which celebrities have the largest feet? And where in the world can you find the cheapest Big Mac? These are all questions you can expect to get in Sortle together with more common trivia questions like: Who became president first? Which invention is older? Which river is longer? Or who have won the most Gold medals in all of the Summer Olympics?

It’s not always easy, but then again, it’s not supposed to be.
“A good thing is that you can always guess. And while
guessing usually only takes you pretty close to the correct
answer, in Sortle that could be just enough.”
– Ander Mårtensson (CTO and lead developer)

Bells and whistles
•Available now for the very affordable price of free
•1000+ questions – and loads of items to be sorted in the correct order
•7 fun categories – what’s your Achilles heel? I bet it’s sports
•Challenge your friends – or play with random Sortlers
•Fantastic music and sound effects
•Ranking – see how you stack up against the world’s best players and your friends
•Learn as you play! – ok, that’s not really a feature.. or is it?
•Available for both iPhone and Android

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