isTom Games gladly announces that its newest free game, ShipBreaker is now available to play for iOS and Android users. Runner fans will be pleased with the new game mehcanic, graphic style and content ShipBreaker offers. ShipBreaker differentiates itself from the rest of the genre with a new feature which allows players not only to run on the ground or jump sometimes, but to run on the ceiling also. This adds awesome variations and situations to the worn out runner mechanics.

As for the story goes, on a warm summer night, Jack, the protagonist was sleeping in his bed, when goofy aliens kidnapped him. He wakes up in a research lab in a giant alien mothership only to find out that everything he can do is to run for his life. If that’s not enough trouble, during the escape, he finds a new cloth with gravity manipulation capabilities…

So ShipBreaker is a game with gravity manipulation and the usual endless runner features, which makes it truly unique and remarkable. The full feature list is the following:
– Gravity manipulation
– Running and jumping
– Random situations
– Coin collection
– Alien infestation
– Jocose audiovisual presentation
– Upgrade system
– In-app purchases
– Leaderboards

ShipBreaker is now available to download for free from the App Store and the Google Play store

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