Zebuloids, cute aliens on App Store.

This Isometric 3D mind game developed by Mando Productions is available on App Store in free-to-play and on Google Play too!

The Vogelz have crashed on the wonderful and verdant planet of Zebs, the Zebuloids’ homeland, shattering it into pieces and looting it to fix their spaceship.
Help the Zebuloids face up to this threat before the planet Zeb is destroyed forever.

Guide the 3 Zebuloids (Blue, Yellow and Red) safe and sound through the various scattered planet pieces. Thwart traps and enemies by making the most of each Zebuloid’s skills or merge them to unlock the black Zebuloid and its special skills. Harvest raw materials and take back the planet pieces from the Vogelz to save your little paradise.

Be fast and smart to boost your score in each level and then share it with the whole galaxy thanks to the social features!

In this cute and colourful universe, your best weapon is your brain. Use your grey cells to retrieve the dark matter and save planet Zebs!

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