MannagraphiX Studios Releases Critter Cross on Google Play for Android

Indie Developer MannagraphiX Studios has launched their second Android title Critter Cross.

Critter Cross is a new and original jumping game like no other. The player’s goal is to leap through falling stone pillars as many times as possible without cracking their skull. Simple controls, simple game concept, any age can understand how to play but doing it well is a different story.

“Our goal in Critter Cross is to provide the player a game that has the simple concept of the well-known FlappyBird but in a totally different form. Easy scoring system, quick rounds, and fun to play”, commented Eric Mitchell co-founder of the company when asked where the idea for Critter Cross started.

Game Features:

*4 Critters to choose from, each having a different jump style and special abilities.
*Fast, addictive, and fun gameplay
*10 Achievements, 3 Leaderboards, and local stats *Great graphics and music

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