Brawlout, Animated platform fighter sparking plenty of feuds

An all-out brawl is coming soon to Steam, as Angry Mob Games today announced their competitive fighting game Brawlout will be launching on Early Access on April 20th and is scheduled to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Q3 2017. Designed for couch and online play – Brawlout mixes platform fighter mechanics, with traditional fighting game moves and pace, doing away with traditional blocking and grabbing to reveal a system based on fluid movement and over the top combos.

“With a gorgeous animated style, six playable characters with unique special attacks, new combo options, more movement abilities and advanced tech moves, we are excited to announce our Early Access launch”, said Bogdan Iliesiu, CEO of Angry Mob Games. “We’ve heard what players miss from classic fighters and what they love about new ones, and Brawlout is designed to give people the best of both worlds, whether that’s ruining friendships around the TV or going online to anger strangers in tournaments.”

Launching with an initial 6 fighters, Brawlout hosts up to four players in online and local battles, including ranked online tournaments, in addition to a robust single-player campaign. Each fighter will have distinct advantages, including powerful projectiles or long-range whip attacks, and can be evolved with further combo options or advanced technical moves. Fighting also builds a player’s Rage Meter, which fuels powerful special attacks. Brawlout has been designed for both couch play and online play, with 2-4 player quick matches, ranked ladders, private lobbies and Brawlout TV for watching live matches, featured replays and for making live tournaments much easier to stream.

Joining the fray with fellow fighters Paco, King Apu, Sephi’ra and more, Angry Mob Games today unveiled Brawlout’s newest badass, Volt, whose electric powers keep enemies at bay while his sharp spines and quick reflexes work together to exact victory. Launching with Early Access, the new resident Exemplar, Volt, enters the skirmish to challenge fellow fighters Chief Feathers, Sephi’ra, Olaf Tyson, Paco and King Apu. An anxious descendant of a great war hero, Volt desired the more peaceful existence of being his tribe’s chief shaman, however the role of Exemplar was thrust upon him by his family, forcing him to fight for the honor of his people. Sharp of spine, quick of speed, Volt uses his electrical powers to zap, stun and singe enemies.

Brawlout will be coming to Steam Early Access on April 20th and will retail for $19.99, £14.99, €19.99.