BulkyPix and GAS release My Perfect Man App for iOS, Android and Facebook

Bulkypix and GAS are proud to announce their first co-production game My Perfect Man, now available for smartphones, tablets and PC.

My Perfect Man is a unique Life-Simulation game, designed for women that will finally be able to create and “educate” the man of their dreams.

Mixing popular ideas behind highly praised The Sims franchise and vastly popular Tamagotchi, My Perfect Man brings a new twist to the Life-Simulation genre by giving power to women and adding a humorous, fresh and provocative tone.

The goal of the game is simple: create your man and take it to perfection. Playing My Perfect Man now makes possible to stop the distasteful lifestyle behaviors of men: women can say goodbye to lifted toilet seats, socks lying on the floor and dull household chores! Players will control the daily life of a far-from-perfect guy and try to turn him into an awesome person, monitoring his weight with the dumbbells and the fridge, teaching him how to stay fit, do chores, cook, perform DIY, dress sharp, and even how to express himself like Shakespeare! These are all important parts of the gameplay. Of course, you can also show your magnanimous side and let him watch a football game, slumped on the couch with a beer! If players want more, nothing says ‘Perfection’ like a well-decorated house! Thousands of items are available to help players creating the best property of the whole neighborhood. The options are infinite!

My Perfect Man is a freemium online game with a lot of social features designed around Facebook, so it is possible to visit the Perfect Men’s house of other players, and help each other on the path to perfection, by exchanging gifts and selling items.

My Perfect Man is available for free on the App Store, Google Play and on Facebook. The game is also a cross-platform game so players can start playing to any smartphone continue to a tablet and finish their game session on any computer.

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