Rob Lach’s Psychedelic Experimental Game, POP: Methodology Experiment One, Hits the Steam Store

Independent game developer Rob Lach has recently snuck his experimental game “POP: Methodology Experiment One” (POP:ME1) onto Valve’s Steam publishing platform. For $3.99 (USD), PC and Mac players can take a chance at surviving his mind control experiment. More information and purchase options can be found at

“I can’t believe I managed to drag this experimental avant-garde game with almost no marketable qualities onto Steam… and people seem to like it!” exclaimed Rob Lach, the sole developer of POP, peruser of occasional shadiness, and ignorant of how press releases work.

Visually intense, musically exhilarating, and emotionally charged, POP:ME1 is a unique experience unlike any game before it. Flashing colors, randomly spliced in videos, and whatever ‘that’ is, POP:ME1 is a visual feast. The game also features a pumping soundtrack composed by Rob Lach himself, with ear-bleeding tracks alongside trippy slow jams, you never know what’s coming next. With that put together Rob Lach is legally required to tell you that he is “not responsible for any mental or physical harm the game may cause. Please play at your own risk.”

Game of The Saeculum Edition (GOTSE)

Alongside the release players have the ability to upgrade their game to the POP: Methodology Experiment One, Game of the Saeculum Edition by purchasing an additional DLC at $0.99 (USD).

Included in the GOTSE is a collection of even more trippy game modes and a chance to experience Rob Lach’s soothing bedroom voice with access to a developer commentary. All the answers to life’s deepest questions are very likely answered within.

About POP: Methodology Experiment One

POP: Methodology Experiment One is an experimental game by Rob Lach which was designed music first, with the gameplay and aesthetic derived from the creative flow of the music production process. What emerged is an emotional psychedelic roller-coaster of 7 interactive vignettes.

With it’s experimental design and raw aesthetic, POP:ME1 has had award nominations and festival acceptance including the Independent Games Festival ( San Francisco, CA ), IndieCade ( Culver City, CA ), Fantastic Arcade ( Austin, TX ), and Rezzed (Brighton, UK). POP:ME1 has also caught the attention of the art world being recently featured at an exhibition at the Dittmar Gallery at Northwestern University.

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