Call of Cookie available today for smartphones and tablets

Ankama announces today the release of Call of Cookie, a strategy game set in the universe of the successful comic book series Freaks’ Squeele (more than 100 000 copies sold in France). Call of Cookie is now available on iOS and Android, via a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

In Call of Cookie, players will discover the quirky universe of the comic book created by talented author Florent Maudoux in the very first game mixing war and cooking! The player has the role of a student of the F.A.S.H (Faculty of Academic Studies of Heroes), a superhero school like no other. They take part in the Gingerbread Men’s War (an episode from the second volume of the comic book) and fight other players in turn-based tactical battles full of humor. In order to do so, they use dozens of ingredients to bake an army of cookie-soldiers, chosen among the fifteen units available, according to the particularities of the enemy biscuits.

Call of Cookie is the first game developed by an external studio (DeValley) to be published by Ankama.

Official website:

“Xiong Mao, Shadow and Fortune let the secret recipe for cookie-soldiers slip out. Now, every single student of the F.A.S.H (Faculty of Academic Studies of Heroes) wants their own personal army. This fad is spreading to all the other hero universities, and soon tournaments are being organized using these cookie-soldiers, better known as “Freakies”. Grocery stores are running out of stock; flour, eggs, and even butter have disappeared from the shelves. Suppliers of household appliances are literally being invaded, and getting your hands on a simple toaster is impossible. Which of all these aspiring heroes will build the most powerful team?”

· More than fifteen types of Freakies (cookie-soldiers) with unique design and characteristics, perfect for building an army.
•Over 30 ingredients to mix to discover recipes that can be used to bake troops
•A game that offers funny tactical turn-based battles
•4 different game modes:
1. A cooking mode to bake an army
2. A solo campaign composed of more than 40 missions spread over 5 chapters
3. An asynchronous multiplayer mode to challenge friends
4. A “hot seat” mode to confront enemies directly face to face on the same device
•The Freak’s Squeele universe for the first time in a video game
•Free updates after the release

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